Bones & Wires

Titelfoto Bones & Wires - Simon Mayer

The Austrian choreographer, dancer and musician Simon Mayer created his new piece Bones & Wires (premiere: 23 November 2021, brut wien) in close collaboration with light designer Jan Fedinger and sound designer Moritz Nahold. In Bones & Wires Simon Mayer focuses on different levels of connectedness. The connection between human beings, humans and nature and humans and technology/robotics. Contextually, the piece moves around theories and practices like collective consciousness, interdependence, telepathy and channeling. "Bones & Wires" explores the question can robots and new technologies be part of this possibility of connectedness?

Together with light designer Jan Fedinger, sound designer Moritz Nahold and multimedia designer Dominik Strzelec, Simon Mayer breathes a soul into various objects on stage. From the piano stool to the drum set, he enters into a dialogue with things in order to become part of a common bond and a collective consciousness. Simon Mayer shows the multi-layered possibilities of visible and invisible connection and once again focuses on a perspective that juxtaposes connectedness with internal and external divisions. On this journey, the audience unobtrusively becomes an active part of this co-creation, in which the boundaries between stage and auditorium are blurred.


Choreography, Performance, Music Simon Mayer

 Co-Creators Jan Fedinger, Moritz Nahold

Performer Who Am I, Beam Fury, Key, Siren, Venti, Fog, Bam, Tuuch, InBetween

Light design Jan Fedinger

Sound design Moritz Nahold

Multimedia design, Robotics, Dramaturgical Advice Dominik Strzelec

Costumes and Stage design Lise Lendais, Assistance Laura Schroeder

Technical Director Jeroen Smith

Consulting & Dramaturgical Advice Karoline Maria Wibmer

Production Art in Motion / Katrin Pröll, Assistance Christina Vanek

Special thanks to Guy Cools for the dramaturgical support.

Thanks to: Needcompany and Maarten Seghers, Hannah Shakti Bühler, Corine Sombrun, Roman Harrer and Liquid Loft, Verein Spiel, Peter Mayer, Lukas Froschauer, Max Philipp Aschenbrenner, Peter Kutin, Impulstanz.

A coproduction by brut Wien and Tanz ist.  With the kind support of the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport.




  • 2022 Feb 13
Trondheim, Norway

Rosendal Teater

  • 2021 Nov 23
  • 2021 Nov 25
  • 2021 Nov 26
  • 2021 Nov 27
Vienna, Austria