Monkeymind is a Buddhist term and refers to a fickle, capricious, imaginative and creative spirit.

Simon Mayer, former member of the Vienna State Opera Ballet, P.A.R.T.S. graduate and former member of the dance company ROSAS, peasant performer and artistic director of “Spiel“ festival at the organic farm “Schlossergütl“ in Upper Austria, assumes the role of Monkeymind in this concert performance.The odd eccentric struggles desperately to be understood. Together with his unusual stage comrades he tries to tell something in a very humorous and touching way and to get the essence of things.


Director, text, music, sound installation, performance  Simon Mayer
Sounddesign, sound installation Pascal Holper
Stagehand, typewriter, drums, performance Mr. Incognito
Costume, stage designer, visual art, performance Andrea Simeon
Lightdesign, sound Sebastian Bauer
Dramaturgy Johanna Figl
Video Konstantin Smola
Illustration Sarah Egbert Eiersholt
Graphik Annika Rytterhag
Photos Barbara Brandstätter
Production Alexandra Hutter

Supported by MA7 Kulturabteilung Wien, Land ÖO

A production Kopf Hoch of cooperation TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, Imagetanz/brut and im_flieger

Thanks to Johan de Smedt, Benjamin Verdonck, Abke Haring, Elio Gervasis, ROSAS and Liquid Loft


  • 2013 Sep 24
  • 2013 Sep 25
Mannheim, Germany

Wunder der Prärie

  • 2013 Sep 19
  • 2013 Sep 20
  • 2013 Sep 21
Andorf, Austria

Biohof Schlossergütl

  • 2013 Jun 1
  • 2013 Jun 5
  • 2013 Jun 6
  • 2013 Jun 7
Andorf, Austria

Biohof Schlossergütl

  • 2013 Apr 14
St. Pölten, Austria


  • 2013 Mar 14
  • 2013 Mar 15
Vienna, Austria

Brut, Künstlerhaus