Coupé Décalé (BE) & Kopf Hoch / Simon Mayer
The ecstatic Body

Mo 08. – Sa 13. Okt
TQW Studios

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A week of experimentation with workshops and exercises, followed by a Saturday with discussions on which there will also be plenty of time to celebrate. An invitation to explore and experience one’s own ecstatic potential. The motive to investigate for one entire week the dynamics of intercultural practices and their impact on the body can be attributed to the increasing interest to combine therapeutic and artistic practices as well as to the fact that artists have always been fascinated by alternative states of consciousness, which can be achieved through meditation, indigenous schamanic practices and encounters of the so-called “divine” kind.

Each of the workshops led by Ziya Azazi & Simon Mayer, Elke van Campenhout, Hiah Park & Robert Steijn and Corine Sombrun will offer a different approach and will engage in diverse fields of knowledge and experiences (therapeutic, religious, scientific, artistic).






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