Simon Mayer started playing music when was a child and grew up surrounded by folk music. As an adolescent he was part of the Heavy Metal Band COP, later he founded his own Band Rising Halfmoon. He plays several instruments (piano, violin, guitar and vocals) and through the cooperation with composers and teachers like Thierry de May, the influence of his brother Peter Mayer and the work with Foley Artists he developed his love for noise, experimental sounds and structures. This interest lead to the solo project „Soundstories“ which connects songs, sound scapes and experimental noise-atmospheres.

Simon develops the music for his stage performances almost always by himself merging folk music, pop, balkan, rock and experimental music. His last album „Monkeymind“ is an audioperformance and comes from the idea that the underlying stage performance can be experienced merely auditively and therefore be made accessible for a blind audience as well. This idea will be continued in 2016 with the recording of the dance and musicperformance „SunBengSitting“ which premiered in 2014.


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Discographie und Online Musik: 

2002 "critical note"  C.O.P. 
2010 "rising halfmoon" (soundcloud)
2011  "kopf hoch/head high" Simon Mayer, Peter Mayer (soundcloud)
2012 "monkeymind - audioperformance" Simon Mayer, Pascal Holper (Ringo Records)
2016 "sunbengsitting - audioperformance" Simon Mayer, Pascal Holper (Sonic live Studios, Brut Wien)